Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Sweetpea...

So, I am incorporating a new hat silhouette into the shop inventory for winter this year. It has the classic look and feel of a hand knit cap, but with a fun twist. A sweet pointed top that finishes it off like a little dollop of whipped cream. My hats were my top sellers last winter so I have been a knitting machine recently as I gear up to keep the shop stocked for the chilly months.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Golden Gate..

We recently had a great day trip to San Francisco...or as we call it 'The City' (apparently the city we actually live in doesn't count) sort of mark the end of our summer. We went to the aquarium and then to our favorite beach under the Golden Gate. One of the many great things about this beach is that you just can't take a bad photo there. I mean how can you flub up a photo with one of the most famous bridges in the world as your back drop?!

This is really the first summers end since the kids were born, or since college for that matter, that has required any 'marking'. I enjoyed that feeling that this was the beginning of an annual tradition. The first of many end of summer celebrations. Luke has started back to preschool for his first full year of school, albeit only two mornings a week. We will now fall into the schedule of parents everywhere with a winter break, a spring break, and a glorious summer break. Up until now, as parents of babies and toddlers, we have enjoyed (and occasionally dreaded) this very free form, days running together, devil may care sort of existence. Now, as the structure of polite society is slowly being imposed upon us, I find I am a tad resistant and even a tad more totally relieved.
Relieved to be sharing the task of ushering Luke into adulthood, even if just for 5 hours a week.
Relieved to have those same 5 hours alone with Kai.
Relieved to have successfully reached yet another marker in the parenting road.