Monday, January 07, 2008

Hat Happy...

(Me in my Pixie hat)

(Our Friend Hanna in her Acorn hat)

(Our Lucia in her Pixie Hat with her sweet baby Hanna in her Acorn hat)

(Me , Kai (He dresses himself!..I had nothing to do with that) and Luke in our hats)

I've been hat Crazy over here. The Whimsy hats are a constant,
but now I've taught myself to Crochet
and the hat production has picked up a bit

I'm really focused on (obsessed with) pointy topped hats...
I just love that Elfin, Woodland Nymph, Forest Fairy look.

If you glance up at that top photo of me you'll notice I have some pixie in me.

As you might imagine when we're all out and about in our hats we get quite a bit of attention.
Lucky for me my boys love to wear their hats...never been hat yanker offers.
I don't know what I'd do..

1 comment:

KNH said...

Do you sell the acorn hats? My mom keeps saying my baby has an acorn-shaped face, and that hat would be a perfect topper!