Sunday, June 10, 2007


So, June is a jam packed month for us. This month holds so many of our special days....Our anniversary, both Kai's and Luke's birthdays, Fathers Day, and the anniversary of our 'First Decree' in Kai's adoption (basically the day we got 'The Call'). Very often,although not this year, our anniversary or Kai's birthday will fall on Fathers day, which makes that day double sweet.

This is also always a time of reflection and internal celebration for me. I am reminded constantly by all of these days of remembrance and recognition of how incredibly fortunate I am. I sometimes get caught up in the busyness of the 'planning' and lose sight of how fortunate am I to have all of these moments to commemorate.

This year will be our first June with Kai and for this reason I really feel the urge to overdo each of our celebrations.
Last year June was very bittersweet...we celebrated Kai's birthday, which happened to fall on Fathers day, without him. It was very difficult. And Luke's birthday was a very intimate affair because we were packing and preparing for our journey to Taiwan to meet our son.

So this year, here we are, all together, and that is cause for a month of celebrating.


David and Janalee said...

Hey Amanda!
So happy that you are doing well, Man have the boys changed! Especially Luke, and going to preschool? Wow. Still can not believe that we have not just run into each other as close as we are.
Anyway, wanted to wish cutie pie Kai a very Happy Birthday. We share the same b-day, so he basically rocks in my dept. So happy you can wrap your arms around him and give him birthday hugs in person this year!

Princess D said...


I bought your library tote (lotus print) recently as a gift for my sister-in-law. I found your blog from my friend's blog
I am also an adoptive mom of a little girl from Guatemala. She is 19 months. I didn't realize you were also an adoptive mom. Very cool and I love your purses. Thanks for the beautiful gift. Check out my blog sometime :-)