Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Found It!...

This Year's wrapping paper...

(Are you catching the opalescence?!)

Do you search high and low until you find just the perfect paper?

Each year I expend almost as much energy looking for paper as I do creating things to wrap it in. This year was no different. It's taken two months of serious searching to attain this delicious wrapping. All worth it.

My standards are, but not limited to:
It has to be non-Christmas-ish,
bold or graphic(or both)
not traditional holiday colors,
somewhat or very hard to find (so no one else will have it),
fun for the kids
sophisticated enough for the adults...
and just generally perfect.

Last year we had ultra glossy hot pink paper with ice blue bows. Loved it.

And..yes..I am also a meticulous gift wrapper.

Think of the gift tag possibilities with this paper!

What are you using this year?

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