Thursday, January 11, 2007

I made a choice...

This is a photo of our 'front yard' tree's fancy little pods. I absolutely adore them, although I have no idea what type of tree I have here. Regardless, I am happy she's here with us.

I signed up for an interior design course at our local college today...just one class one evening a week. It is something I have been meaning to do for, umm...ever. And have done. I have probably acquired enough college units to have graduated by now, if I had been following some sort of 'class requirement list' for a specific major. But, I tend to go about this education thing in a more organic (impulsive) way (and most every other part of my life is run this way as well) so, I have a bundle of units in bunches of different departments. In the beginning it was me trying to get a 'grown up' degree in areas of study which interested me ..none. So, then, onto every possible 'intro to art of some kind' type class.... which, no doubt, have improved my sculpture, ceramics,drawing, painting, cooking, sewing, decorating and illustrating skills tremendously. But it has been a few years, and a couple kids, since I was in school last and I suspect that I am much more focused now. This semester I will be revisiting interior design. It feels right.


beki said...

Good for you for taking a class! I'd love to do that.
Is your tree a tallow tree? Does it turn bright shades of orange and red in the fall? Here is a link:

Cheryl said...

Hi Plumm, found your blog via Etsy. Your bags are gorgeous :)

I understand what you mean by needing a 'grown up' degree. Like you, I just couldn't go against my grain. It has to 'feel right.'

I've been dreaming of studying interior design again. It will have to wait for the time being... :)

All the best and may all your dreams come true!

(ps: I hope you don't mind me linking you on my blog)