Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm still here!

Well, that was a nice break! I was on a self imposed blogging hiatus for the holidays but I am glad to be back! We had a wonderful holiday season full of friends, family, food, gifts, gatherings, and runny noses. All was as it should have been.

I have been working away, trying to build up a bit of inventory for my Etsy shop and I am pretty excited about some of my recent purse designs! I have collaborated a bit with The Hubs on some swell wood handles for a new purse pattern I came up with. He did a great job making the exact shape I wanted and even went a bit further. He recessed rare earth magnets into the wood which gently pull together and act as the "clasp" for the bag by holding it closed. I am absolutely smitten with the end result....the Cleo purse.
She is just so sweet. I have a few more in "production" in some other great fabrics .

I have also been working on quite a few orders for the "Keely Purse" in all sorts of fun fabrics. Some were from fabrics I found and some are custom orders in fabrics that my great customers found. I must say my customers have great taste!

Here a re a few pics:

All for now.....more soon on a NEW purse that I am Just finishing up! She will be called 'The Lucia'.

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