Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Handmade Holiday Season...

(a couple 'in progress' photos of a Metro diaper bag I made for my good friend Lucia. for some reason it never occured to me to take any photos of the finished bag. (smacks forehead.))

I took the
Pledge this morning! So, if you are a holiday gift recipient of mine you have a bitsy clue as to what type of gift you may be receiving (as if you didn't already have a hunch it was going to be handmade!).

Now you know with certainty, no McGifts from me. Depending on which side of the handmade fence you sit this may be good or bad news ;-)

*Pledge Bonus*

No last minute runs to the dreaded Mall. I have been to a Mall one time in the last year and it was absolutely under duress (and was closley related to my being a bridesmaid). I also have not stepped foot into a T@rget in the last 2 months or a Wall M@rt in the last 2 years (the T@rget addiction was harder to break, let me tell ya). It has been truly life altering. Really. Life outside the 'stuff for stuff's sake' realm is not as scary as I thought it may be. My goal is to never return...

I'll report back...

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