Monday, November 12, 2007

Finaly Complete...

(That's one of Chris's hand turned Christmas ornaments in his hand there.)

I have been working on this shop apron for Chris since, well, I can't even remember... He's been very patiently waiting while I managed to complete every other project under the sun and his poor half finished apron sat waiting.

Well, no more!

Here it is in all it's woody-ness.

So, since he's a woodworker, this fabric was the obvious choice. Clever, no? Chris chose it himself.
I didn't use a commercial usual I just did some sketches, took some measurements, and made my own.
Since I am sure this apron will see it's share of heavy use the straps in the back are heavy duty brown nylon with adjustable latches. I used a total of three layers of canvas to make it super heavy duty...Gotta protect from those flying wood bits. The pocket flap is extra big to keep sawdust from finding it's way into the pockets.

Overall, we are both really happy with it. It was fun to intermingle our crafty worlds and collaborate on something not related to home improvement or parenting.

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maia (glassbeach) said...

Wow, that apron is seriously cool. I love the extra large pocket flap. What a clever couple you two are!