Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Shopping with Style

In an effort to encourage some of my friends and family to be mindful of their consumer choices I am creating reusable shopping bags as holiday gifts this year. I found this sweet strawberry vine vinyl over at Cheap Threads Etsy shop a while ago and stocked up. I knew I would find a great use for it. I know vinyl isn't a 'green' material...by my logic is that if the bags are cute enough and sturdy enough they may see a bit more use. Also, I have impulse control issues.

The bags are lined with the same cute vinyl for wipe-ability and durability and the top edge is bound with red bias cut double fold binding. I just need to attach the sturdy vinyl handles, which are also red, and they will be complete.

I'm pretty sure I am going to need a few for myself!


Mymsie said...

I bought some of that fabric too - ♥ it!

Sarah said...

Ack! Love those strawberries! Now I want some, but I need to know: how difficult is working with vinyl?