Sunday, November 11, 2007

Today's Treasure's

For Chris's birthday his parents offered to watch the kid's this weekend. They had them for two entire days. Entire days. Our kids have stayed over at their Nona and Grandpa's many times before...and they always love it. Nona and Grandpa's house is a very special place.

So, for the first time ever, we planned nothing at all for our kid free days. In the past we've always arranged weekends away, gone out with friends, or had another obligation already in place when the kids had an overnight.

It was amazing!

We thrifted, sat on the couch, leisurely sipped our coffee, spent hours in the bookstore, went to a few art galleries, puttered around our respective studios and just generally, truly relaxed.

When we went to pick up the boys they seemed bigger, cuter, sweeter, smarter and more precious than they had just a couple days before.

We got the two little treasures above at a couple of the Estate sales we made it to over the weekend. A great old sheet, perfect for a tote bag and some curtains...and a vintage Polaroid camera in it's original leather case with manual.

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