Thursday, November 29, 2007

Go Play...

I learned about Free Rice over Here...and promptly went over and earned 340 grains of rice. It's a pretty interesting concept...if you've never visited the site it's worth a quick look.

Or, better yet, a long visit in which you become hopelessly addicted and end up feeding a few folks.

Free Rice is a non profit company who is helping us learn a few vocab words while using the advertisers money to feed the hungry.

Essentially, you play a fun vocab game and for each correct answer you are financing the donation of 20 grains of rice.

As of yesterday they have donated
4,550,033,230 grains.
Also, yesterday, they increased the donation per correct word from 10 to 20 grains.

Pretty ingenious
(One of my vocab words. I got it right).

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Amy said...

I played and shared it on my blog. How wonderful! Thanks!!